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We provide equipment and financial support for scientific field studies and conservation research programs. In return we receive a rare glimpse of super remote wilderness from the images gathered in the process.

Unlike traditional for-profit media companies, Minifund freely distributes the content we produce with nothing expected in return. By allowing our creations to circulate without restriction, we can connect many millions of new people to the beauty and mystery of our planet.

Examples of our work

An adorable wild puma cub inspects our camera in Chile.
A beautiful wild jaguar patrols his territory deep within the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador.
Our cameras in Yala National Park recorded this Sri Lankan leopard’s failed ambush of a group of native wild boars.

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Minifund’s simple strategy:

  1. Partner with accomplished conservationists & researchers
  2. Study ecosystems & produce compelling content together
  3. Reach new audiences with captivating wildlife imagery
  4. Fund projects by attracting small donations

Our organization is run entirely by unpaid volunteers.
We maintain super low operating costs, which we cover ourselves. Every dollar of your tax-deductible contribution is used directly on grants & equipment.

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